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How to Hire Developer

We developers are in a unique position nowadays. The demand for our services is larger than the supply and we are wanted. Don’t get cocky. There is a great number of new ones coming out of the schools every year and it won’t last forever. You may argue that there is going to be far more technical jobs than it is now. You may be right but I would suggest to become a true expert in your field. Developers with experience and knowledge are (and always will be) wanted! But this is not the point of this article. It is about how we are hunted for our future jobs.

From time to time I receive a job offer. It can be on linkedin, email or just on the local job portal and it looks like this.

Dear Jakub,
I would like to contact you in a matter of an interesting job offer. Please accept my invitation! Anonymous Headhunter no. 1

Successful hire

Dear Anonymous Headhunter no. 1, I have the same motivation to click on the accept button and reply to you as to click on the Get Free iPad button in my spam box.

So where did you make a mistake? How to contact developers and get back the response?

Be specific

I am not really interested in an “interesting” anonymous offer or in something like Mr. Anonymous Headhunter no. 2 offered me once.

my client is a multinational company with a great impact. They are currently looking for a developer. Anonymous Headhunter no. 2

From these offers I have the feeling that every company on the market is international and of course it has a great impact on it’s business area. This is great. But I want to know what is the company name. I want to know what are they offering and what expectations do they have. I am interested in technologies and salary. Where is the company located? Do I need to relocate somewhere?

Just provide these simple information in your first letter and our communication would be much easier.

Thank you.

Do your homework

There is great lack of talented and skilled people. I can’t get in touch with great programmers, bla bla bla. Oh for Christ sake. Do your research on the guy you are trying to fit in the role and then try to sell him the job.

Do your homeworks

If someone is writing a blog and is passionate about programming and wants to work with the bleeding edge technologies don’t offer them working with Windows XP and VB6.

I understand that in a corporate environment bleeding edge means that it hasn’t been yet unsupported by the vendor but I think you can spot the difference.

Polyglot programmers like to switch languages. Guy interested in functional programming would be more than happy to use it.

An expert with a mortgage and two kids probably doesn’t want to be hired by a startup working for a pizza and a share on the future company value. And you can find this kind of information on the internet. Don’t tell me otherwise.

Please keep in mind that lying won’t give you any benefit. Your candidate is probably going to leave in the probation period and your bonus just disappears and soon you should find a new job for yourself.

Don’t expect to share my network with you

Dear Mr. Chodounsky,
I am trying to fit a position for my client. Do you want to consider a change? Perhaps someone from your friends is looking for a job. Can you recommend someone? Anonymous Headhunter no. 3

Mr. Anonymous Headhunter no. 3 we haven’t even met yet and you want me to share your offer with my closest friends? Right.

I don’t want to add you to my connections and I don’t want to recommend anyone before I know you much better and I know I can trust you.


I don’t want to sound too arrogant. I don’t want to insult you HR workers and headhunters. That was not the point of this article. I just want to help you understand what is important for me and other developers to decide to reply to your job offer.

I think that you can be very good at what you are doing with your connections and communication skills but please keep in mind what sells the job to the developer. Don’t forget quality over quantity. Both of us can benefit from a much better job offers.

Thank you for reading! Did you like the article? Send me a comment.

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