Read a non-technical book

Do you read programming blogs? Do you read software magazines? Do you read developers books?

Stop for a moment and leave the computer reading for next week. Go and find one book that has nothing to do with IT.

Read a non-technical book

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the amount of what’s new in the world of programming and what’s the next big thing? This is exactly the time when you should reach for a different book and read it.

Find one that seems interesting or pick your favorite author. Lots of people thinks that novels and out-of-field books are a waste of time, but they are not.

It is their duty to keep your mind fresh. It is their duty to expand your knowledge. And it is their duty to make you ready to absorb next computer stuff.

You will find interesting things and fascinating parallels between seemingly unconnected topics. Recently, I read a book about permacultures and growing organic food. The author says; “don’t read too much about the plant in a herbal, go and plant it, take care of it and you are going to know it for the rest of your life”.

In a world of programming the plant could be a framework or even a new language – don’t just read about it, because you will forget all you’ve just learnt. Install the framework, create a simple application and use it. This experience stays with you for the rest of your life and, sooner or later, you will benefit from it.

Don’t be just into the technology. Find inspiration in non-technical books. Read one time to time.

photo credit: kinojam cc

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