Overview of the last year of blogging

The first day of the New Year is a great opportunity to stop for a moment and think about what happened here over the last 12 months on this blog. Even though I wrote articles on this blog 7 years ago, I started actively blogging in March.

Some months were good and I had a lot of motivation and inspiration to write, but some of them were a lot worse. Sometimes the real life steps in the ways and sometimes you just don’t want to write at all. But in general, I’m pretty happy with the overall results.

Over the last year, this site had 69,293 visits from 55,118 unique visitors and they saw 89,405 pages.

I wrote 46 posts and the most successful articles were:

  1. Why You Should Be Able to Work from Home with 9,199 views
  2. Var Wars with 6,885 views,
  3. The Most Important Skill of Programmer with 6,475 views,
  4. Compare Files with Git Diff Tool with 3,839 views.

Every Monday, I started to distribute a .NET Weekly Digest with the links to the most amazing articles I read over the previous week and I manage to create 44 of them.

Thank you, dear reader, for your time spent on this site and I promise that I will try hard to write interesting articles and post as much as I can.

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