Programming newsletters statistics for 2015

Last year in August I decided to split Weekly Programming Digest into four targeted programming newsletters that allow email sign ups. When 2015 is over it might be interesting to look at some data.

In total I gained 1074 email subscribers and shared 1274 links over those 4 months.

Programming Digest

I started writing Ruby for living in the mid of 2014 so the focus of programming digest shifted from C# towards Ruby, Rails and web technologies.

In 2015 I shared 713 articles to 191 subscribers and amongst the most shared domains were the following:

Well, yeah. I was blogging a bit. The articles were mostly about these topics:

C# Digest

I still keep my toes in C# community especially when exciting things are happening like open sourcing .NET CLR and multiple platform support.

I shared 238 articles to 252 subscribers. Does it mean that C# is better than Ruby?!

Eric Lippert and Scott Hanselman are by far my most favorite bloggers when it comes to C# and ASP.NET.

I shared mostly core .NET and C# articles and a few ones around web technologies.

Elixir Digest

It seems that everyone in Rails community is getting bored and people are looking for alternatives. Elixir and Phoenix are one of them – a language created by José Valim (an ex-rails core team member) on top of Erlang and a framework with productivity of Rails are quite interesting.

People are quite excited about it and I had 383 subscribers and shared 160 links to them by the end of the year.

The most shared tags were the following:

React Digest

React is cool and people want to dip in it. Most authors writing about React are on and share content over github a lot. 248 subscribers received 163 links about this Javascript framework.

React, redux, flux and react native are the most popular tags.

I’m running all those newsletters in 2016 so if you found a technology you work in or are interested, subscribe to a newsletter and enjoy the best articles without spam delivered to you every Monday. It’s a great way how you can stay up to date as a programmer.


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