Hi, I'm Jakub 👋

I'm a founder, coder, and technologist.
Sometimes I write.

🗞 I publish a handful of free newsletters about programming, technology, and software engineering practices. I've been doing that since 2013 and I love it.

Programming Digest

Programming Digest is a free weekly curated newsletter for software engineers regardless of their tech stack.

Tech Lead Digest

Tech Lead Digest is a free weekly curated newsletter for technology leaders, engineering managers, and CTOs. It is about the best software engineering practices, building high performing teams, and solving business problems with technology.

Daily Tech

Daily Tech is a free daily curated newsletter about technology, startups, science, and much more.

C# Digest

C# Digest is a free weekly curated newsletter for C# and .NET developers that helps you stay on top of technology and learn something new.

React Digest

React Digest is a free weekly curated newsletter for React developers that helps you keep up with the front-end world.

🏦 I'm a co-founder and CTO of Hatch. It is wealth-building platform that is based in New Zealand. It got successfully acquired by FNZ in 2021 and it keeps growing.

Latest articles

LastPass slows down your browser

A Chrome extension for a popular password manager significantly slows down every page load. What does it do? Who knows. But their privacy policy is not great so it might be time to find an alternative.

Suggesting email address using string similarity algorithm

By using inexact string matching techniques and string similarity metrics you can get more customers and increase your revenue. In this article we will improve customers' onboarding experience by fixing typos in their sign up emails.

The Great Computer Experiment: Ruby Edition

In this article I'll put 4 machines and 5 different operating systems through a true test. What am I trying to achieve? I don't know. But I intend to share my experience with you.