Pro Tip - Change Vim Color Theme

Pro Tip is a new section of this blog. It contains useful tips for programming professionals and computer power users. I think all of you, dear readers, are in this category. It should help you to be more productive and effective in daily tasks. Let’s start with the first one.

I like to use a notebook on different places and on various times. I like to code on a sunny day on my balcony. I like to lie on the couch near the window. I like to stand at the bar table near the kitchen.

Each location provides different light conditions. Each location makes your eyes fatigue in a different way. The first thing that can help you is the brightness and contrast adjustment of your monitor. With normal conditions I set up my contrast and brightness to only 30% of the maximum level. 100% is used only on the direct sun on the balcony.

Sometimes screen adjustments are simply not enough. In these cases it is a good idea to use high and low contrast themes. High contrast for a sunny place and the low one in the dark.

Codeschool color scheme is great for working in the dark

Using vim you can do that without restarting the program. Go to normal (command) mode by pressing CTRL + C and type:

:colorscheme <name of the scheme>

Great color scheme for working in the dark and normal lightning is codeschool and zellner is handy for the light places.

Zellner theme is useful in the direct sunlight.

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