Show Current File in Solution Explorer

A few weeks ago I wrote about better navigation with Resharper between a solution explorer and a current file. This works really well, but you need a license and it isn’t an out-of-the-box solution.

I use Resharper at work, but only a plain version of Visual Studio at home. So, am I doomed to wasting hours of my precious time trying to find a particular file in the solution explorer? Is it an annoyance I can live with, or without?

Fortunately for you and me, VS 2012 is packed with loads of great new features. These include Sync with Active Document, a nifty little feature, which achieves the same result by pressing CTRL + [, S.

Sync with Active Document in Solution Explorer VS 2012

With more clever navigation and searching capabilities within the new solution explorer, personally I don’t think there is a need for Resharper anymore. It’s starting to feel a bit dated.

What Resharper functions do you use daily? What is essential for you? Could you live without it?

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