Fix washed colours with Dell U2414H

Recently, I bought a new Dell U2414H monitor and connected it with a DisplayPort cable and everything was fine. Until the moment, when I had to use HDMI connector as one of my laptops has only this output available. To my surprise the colours were washed out and very blend.

I did some research and discovered that my notebook thinks that the monitor is a television and the graphic card – Intel HD 4600 and Nvidia GTX 760M in my case. And therefore it tries to send a limited RGB spectrum to the monitor.

The problem was on Windows but is not limited to it as I tried the HDMI output on a mac and the result was the same.

The best solution to overcome this issue is to use the madVr Nvidia & Intel RGB Levels Tweaker and Force PC Levels (0-255).

madVR RGB Levels Tweaker

Restart your PC and the colours are stunning again. And I can get back to my photo editing.

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