Uploading file to Azure Blob storage from Elixir

Firstly, create a storage account and get a account name and a secondary access key by clicking on Manage Access Keys button.

After that, add a container for your files to be in. You can do it manually on Azure or with a code, for this example let’s create it manually and call it creatively test.

We are going to use an Erlang library erlazure by Dmitry Kataskin so add a dependency to you mix file.

  defp deps do
    [ { :erlazure, github: "dkataskin/erlazure" } ]

Now, we firstly start the process (it doesn’t do any network communication) and pass this started process id to the actual request (this is where the network communication happens).

    account = 'your-storage-account-name'
    key = 'your-secondary-access-key'

    {:ok, pid} = :erlazure.start(account, key)
    :erlazure.put_block_blob(pid, 'test', 'name-of-image.jpg', File.read!("/path/to/the/photo.jpg"))

And your file is uploaded at https://storage-account-name.blob.core.windows.net/your-container/your-filename and you can use it from your website.

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