Fast and light-weight Linux browser

From time to time I still use my old Lenovo S205 netbook from 2011, not as my main computer but for travel and writing. And for some reason I really like it.

Perhaps the limitation of resources and the fact that I can’t run 20 apps, browse Facebook and stream Youtube at the same time is actually a nice feature. It makes me focused on my task. Oh and the keyboard is very nice as well.

I run Xubuntu, write a bit of Ruby in terminal and use mostly Vim for my writing. Nothing too intense — small projects and small files. The only pain point is when browsing the internet. Firefox and Chrome are too slow and clunky on a resource limited PC.

And that’s how I found Midori — a lightweight and fast open-source web browser. It’s a decent replacement for Chrome and it has a good balance between features and speed. All the major sites that I need to use work there as opposed to the other light-weight browsers where half of the internet is broken due to the lack of support of Javascript and HTML5.

One thing that surprised me is that you can use J a K keys to move the page up and down. Pretty neat feature for Vim users.

In overall the experience with Midori is smooth and it’s a nice little responsive browser that suits perfectly my old and slow netbook.

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